About Us

About us


AMOVI development is owned and run by Monika Götesdotter since 2007. Monika has for 12 years worked at IKEA and worked primarily in leadership and team development, as well as manager and management team member.

Monika has a great experience of facilitation of groups of people from different nationalities and cultures. She has worked with both international management teams at the global level and with introduction of new employees in various positions in local workplaces. Monika easily relates at all levels, in Swedish or English.


Contact us:

E-mail: monika@amovi.se

Phone: +46(0)73-624 84 02

Skyttegatan 11

SE-343 71 Diö

Photo: Studio Clara

AMOVI development • Skyttegatan 11 SE-343 71 Diö • monika@amovi.se • +46(0)73-6248402