About THE, UGL & SDI

The Human Element ® is an approach and a development program.


By The Human Element ®, you can reach deeper self-knowledge and understanding of how your own and others' needs, behavior patterns and self defense affect the interaction of a group, team or between two people.


The Human Element ® offers opportunities for insight and personal growth that contributes to effective and profitable organizations. A door opener to openness, personal responsibility and conscious choices.


The Human Element ® is based on scientifically proven methods and extensive experience in the development of individuals and groups. The Human Element ® is based on the PhD Will Schutz‘ world famous FIRO theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation).


More about The Human Element on Youtube.


UGL, Development of team and leadership, is a weeklong workshop that caters to both managers and employees.


UGL provides opportunities for you to understand the group dynamic processes, leadership linked to these processes, and how you can become a more effective team member.


UGL gives you the opportunity for greater self-awareness and personal growth.

The training is based on the American psychology researcher Susan Wheelans IMGD theory (Integrated Model of Group Development) about the group's development and maturation.


UGL has its roots in PhD Will Schutz FIRO Theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation).


Are you interested in developing your and your group's capacity for collaboration and communication?


Find more insights about conflicts, why they occur and how they can be solved?


SDI ® (Strength Deployment Inventory ®) is a tool for successful relationships. SDI ® provides opportunities for understanding of your and others' motivations that underlie behavior and communication. SDI ® is flexible, easy to understand and memorize.


SDI ® developed by psychologist, therapist, teacher and author Elias H. Porter, Ph.D. It is based on his theory of Relationship Awareness Theory (RAT) - a model for efficient and accurate understanding of the motives behind our actions.



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